Video Conference

The conference solutions available in the market are currently going through big changes. Two main tendencies can be identified. The traditional video conferences, that take place in common rooms, bet mostly on improving the video quality, with high definition; and the new unified communications solutions, supplied by big software and telephony companies that promise conference functionalities to desktop and mobile users. Both those tendencies need new scalability levels and device support. As a result, small, medium and large businesses are searching for solutions that support and protect their investments in standard conference equipments and that at the same time offer the required flexibility so that they can adopt the new solutions that are coming up in the industry.

RADVISION understands these needs and is developing the most powerful and broad communications platform present in the current market. Our work is based on years of experience in creating IP based conference solutions , from one end to the other, including a powerful combination of hardware servers with support for media processing in advanced systems for conference solutions and software servers with support for high scalability and distributed processing in the dekstop and mobile markets.