Call Center



The software package for call routing named Call Center, is an Automatic Call Distribution application that maximizes call routing and the selection of resources, which allows agents to manage calls with much more efficiency and optimize productivity. It offers conditional call routing (if this than that).

Optimization of call routing flexibility

The sophisticated call routing capabilities offer agents a broad range of options. Managers can redirect incoming calls to the agent that has less work on his hands, the first available agent or the agent with the right skill set. The virtual routing also allows businesses with multiple locations to maximize its resources in all branches.


Reduce costs, increase efficiencyReduce costs, increase efficiency

Companies can support agent specialization and consolidate their resources in all branches in order to develop a more efficient and less costly call center.

Customized service

The system allows agents to direct calls to forward calls to other agents with specific knowledge, which offers a more customized and informative service.