Mobile Worker



This Profile is intended for users that work frequently out of the office but cannot always use their laptops or tablets. The Avaya IP Office - Mobile Worker is the perfect tool to keep these users connected and fully productive, regardless of their physical location.

The Mobile Worker transforms any Android device, iPhone or Blackberry into an office extension, that has the same functionality as a deskphone.

Regardless of the location, if the user picks up a call, he will be seen as busy by the remaining users. In case of twinning , if the call is taken on the mobile device, the user can always switch the call to the deskphone. You can also setup a forwarding service where your calls will be redirected to someone else if you dont pick them up.


Main characteristics and advantages:

- Calls can be setup to ring simultaneously on a mobile device and a deskphone (or any other phone).

- Calls can be recorded and listened to later.

- Make calls without ever revealing your mobile phone number.

- Make use of the same functionalities that are available on a deskphone (Transfer, Conference, Forward, Hold . . .)

- Access to Voicemail